FURUBA FRIDAYS: Goodbye For Now...

Welcome to the final instalment to date of Furuba Fridays. Today we're rounding our examination of the Fruits Basket Radio Drama with a few words from JesuOtaku herself. So, without any further ado, I'll let her speak about where the drama will go from here:
"First of all, I want to say thank you very much to Daniel Mumby, the many members of Team Riceball, and all the fans of the radio drama for being such supportive listeners through the show's many ups and downs. The project could never have happened without you, and of course the immense (and immensely talented!) cast and crew of the show. Thank you all for being patient and showering our little adaptation with so much love.

Needless to say, however, it was evident from the start of this project that I had bitten off more than I could chew. In a perfect world, I would be able to delegate sound editing and mixing (and maybe even divvy up writing, too!) to another party, and I would be able to compensate actors, staff and hopefully myself monetarily for their work, to get episodes released on a regular schedule. But this was always a profit-free hobby for the love of the material, done only when I could justify not working on other freelance projects to pay the bills, and that combined with the herding cats exercise of organizing everyone's recording schedules (and bless the cast for always pulling through one way or another!) forced me to let the project languish for longer than I ever wanted to. 
"As it stands right now, episodes through Volume 6 will be completed and released for your listening pleasure, probably over this summer, which is always when I've been able to get more episodes done. After that point, a special double-length episode will be created to tie the whole cast together, revolving around the "First Banquet," where the identity of the narrator will also be revealed and tied into the story overall. At this point, the soundtrack will also be released to the fans, courtesy of Ken Clayton, our awesome composer who will dictate how it's released, either free, pay-what-you-want, or for a small fee, whatever floats his boat. Any proceeds will go directly to him. He's a great guy who did an insane amount of work for this project over several years. 
"After the six volumes and Special Episode, I'm not sure if the project will end there or not. It is possible that a revival of listenership or assistance on the technical end, (I really need another pair of hands to work with Audition and the editing/ mixing process, which takes days per episode) could enable me to adapt more volumes. That would be great! I would be enthralled if that were possible, but because of its nature as an unofficial adaptation, I'm not comfortable taking the project to kickstarter, and I need human assistance more than I need money to pursue its completion anyhow. :) Welcome to Nightvale proved that people can still enjoy great radio drama, so hey, maybe there's a wider audience for the project yet! I would love to keep going if my load were a little lighter. 
"In any case, I want to thank you all for being amazing fans of the show, and following it through all its laughs, tears, and great transformations. I'm glad I was able to bring one of my favourite stories to a wider audience through the radio drama, and I hope you will continue to enjoy my work, wherever it takes me."
My thanks to JO for providing such a comprehensive statement, and to you all for reading these blogs and sharing in the joyous, well-written brilliance that is Fruits Basket. I've had great fun writing these weekly columns, and I hope in doing so I've helped to bring the sterling work of JO and Natsuki Takaya to a new audience.

Below is a list of every single episode of the radio drama, with links to my episode reviews, the original Blip video and the mp3 download, just in case you missed anything. Thank you for supporting Furuba Fridays, and hopefully see you in the summer!


Introduction - Furuba Friday - Blip

Volume 1
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Volume 2
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Volume 3
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Volume 4
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Interviews/ Other
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