FURUBA FRIDAYS: Interview 3 - Kyo & Shigure

Welcome to this week's Furuba Friday, continuing our detailed look at the Fruits Basket Radio Drama. Today we take another short break from the action to chat to another couple of its stars.
We've heard quite a bit from Kyo and Shigure over the past few weeks, with their reaction to Haru's arrival in Episodes 13 & 14, Kyo's continued frustration with regards to Kagura in Episode 15 and seeing a different side to Shigure in last week's episode. So it's only fitting that these should be the two characters that we focus on in this interview, giving you a chance to hear about how the actors found their characters and how the radio drama is put together.
Here, then, is an interview recorded in mid-2012 with Hope Chapman (JesuOtaku), Phil Burgraff and Jesse Frola. Like the previous interviews (which you can listen to here and here), you'll hear a lot about the audition process, the challenges the actors faced playing their respective characters, and whom they would most like to play. Watch out for the following choice morsels:

- Why JO made Phil audition to play Yuki instead
- The infamous "high school girls" song from Episode 14
- Phil describing all the strange noises he has to make (and JO joining in to recreate them)
- Jesse demonstrating his "sleazy bedroom voice"
- Picking up on foreshadowing regarding Kyo's "true form" (see Episode 5)

Don't forget you can download last week's mysterious episode as an mp3 to keep via the link below. Join me same time next week for another Furuba Friday, as we move into the final third of the current crop of episodes! Doesn't time go quickly...
Download Episode 16 - Catch Me If You Can here

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