FURUBA FRIDAYS: Interview #4 - Uo & Hana

Welcome to this week's Furuba Friday, our continuing examination of the amazing Fruits Basket Radio Drama. Today we're taking another well-deserved break from the action, and taking in the fourth and to date final interview with members of the cast.
Each of the interviews we've enjoyed thus far has focussed on the challenges of playing members of the Sohma family, or in Tohru's case reacting to the reality of the Zodiac curse. This time is a little different since we're dealing with Arisa Uotani and Saki Hanajima, two characters who remain oblivious about the curse throughout the course of the manga. This presents a whole different series of challenges about playing one's characters, and puts a fresh perspective on how the production comes together.
Here, then, is an interview recorded around this time last year with Hope Chapman (JesuOtaku), Victoria Olivier and Melle Teich. As on previous occasions (here, here and here), there's a fair amount of discussion about the auditions and recording processes, along with lots of fun banter about favourite moments and characters. Listen out for the following:

- Discussion at either end of the interview about Ren Sohma
- JO on dealing with echo on recordings, and the shift to live recordings after Episode 20
- JO's attempt at imitating Minami Kinoshita (as played by Susanne Eldredge)
- Melle and JO bonding over Hana's taste in dirty books
- Victoria geeking out over her favourite character, Ayame (see last week's episode)
Don't forget you can download last week's flamboyant episode as an mp3 to keep via the link below. Join me same time next week for another Furuba Friday, as we conclude our two-parter with Ayame!
Download Episode 21 - Barely Brothers here

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