FURUBA FRIDAYS: Interview 1 - Tohru & Yuki

Welcome to this week's instalment of Furuba Fridays, our contining and hopefully insightful journey through the Fruits Basket Radio Drama. This week we're taking a little break from the drama per se, to enjoy an interview with two of its lead actors.
We've already talked quite a bit in these blogs about Tohru Honda and Yuki Sohma, two of the main characters who've been with us since the beginning. In doing these blogs I've tried to give my insights or opinions on their (very fine) performances and what their characters represent, either on a personal level or in the grander scheme of things. But for all my speculation about both the performers and the production, sometimes it is best to hear things straight from the horse's mouth (or should that be rat's mouse, considering this is Yuki?).
What follows is an interview recorded in 2011 with Hope Chapman (JesuOtaku), Heather McDonald and Evan Bremer, covering everything from how they got their parts to their favourite aspects of the characters. I won't say much more at this time, save to keep an ear open for the following gems:

- More talk about the "monologue of doom" from last week's episode
- Evan's secret outtakes
- Heather worrying about sounding like Laura Bailey (who plays Tohru in the anime)
- The cuteness overload surrounding Katie McAteer, who plays the younger version of Tohru
- Evan's impression of George Takei (near the end)

Once you've listened, don't forget to download Episode 4 through the link below. Join us next week for another Furuba Friday, when we shall be meeting a certain Kagura Sohma...
Download Episode 4 - Secret Gardens here

NEXT WEEK: Episode 5 - Trampled Affections