FURUBA FRIDAYS: Bonus Silliness

Welcome to another edition of Furuba Fridays, our regular look at the brilliant Fruits Basket Radio Drama. I know what you're thinking: it's not Friday, so what is this doing here? Am I overcompensating last week's late instalment by being over-eager this time?
Sadly, I'm not that keen: my analysis of Episode 15 is still being written and will be out some time tomorrow. But in the meantime, as I promised last week, I have a silly little extra something to share with you all - partly as a thank you for regularly reading this slot, partly to give you a look into some things that happen behind the scenes, and partly because I made a silly miscalculation.
When I first decided to do this series of weekly posts, way back in September last year, I made a list of all the episodes and made a decision to time Episode 11 around New Year's Eve - it made sense, given its content. But in making this list of episodes and cast interviews, I neglected one or two little bits of Furuba content produced by JesuOtaku for her Blip channel (here). Rather than push the schedule back and devoted normal blogs to them, I'm accommodating them in stand-alone posts where appropriate - hence today's blog.
Today's video is a mish-mash of three little bits and pieces related to the radio drama. We have a dance-off between Liam Cunningham (Haru) and Jesse Frola/ Demoversi (Shigure), recorded at Magfest back in 2012. We have a little clip of JO analysing the beautiful painting which has adorned every episode of this blog, explaining who everyone is (without spoilers). And we have another little something from Liam, for all those who remember 'Call Me Maybe' and the various memes it spawned.

Here's the video for your enjoyment. Join me tomorrow for when normal service is resumed for Episode 15 and the return of Kagura. See you then!