FURUBA FRIDAYS: Interview 2 - Momiji & Hatori

Welcome to another edition of Furuba Fridays, our weekly excursions through the Fruits Basket Radio Drama. This week we're taking another quick break from the action to chat to two more members of this highly talented cast.
The last few weeks have been dominated by Momiji and Hatori, with their introductions in Episode 8, their antics at the Cultural Festival in Episode 9, and the growing sense of sadness and dread in Episode 10 last week. I've already said quite a bit about the performances of the two actors involved, both of whom are doing a great job with their characters. But rather than speculate any further, I think now is a good time to hear from the actors themselves about how they got their parts and the thinking behind their characterisations.
Here, then, is an interview recorded in late-2011 between Hope Chapman (JesuOtaku), Majorikku and Ben Watson, which covers much the same territory as the previous interview with Heather McDonald and Evan Bremer (i.e. Tohru and Yuki). Keep your ears open for the following nuggets:

- JO and Majorikku's meeting of minds over the Fruits Basket anime
- JO's "eee" noise when Majorikku talks about the Year of the Rabbit
- Why Hatori has "the most legitimate emo hair in fiction"
- A brief glimpse of JO's (hilarious) Arnold Schwarzenegger impression
- A discussion about "seahorse love"

Don't forget to download last week's episode as an mp3 at the link below this video. I hope you all have a fantastic Christmas, and join me next week for an episode which, fittingly enough, deals with the New Year. See you then!
Download Episode 10 - Doctor's Orders here

NEXT WEEK: Episode 11 - New Year's Morning