Inspiring Philosophy: What is Heaven?

A little under six years ago, I was asked by my good friend Peter Byrom to lend my voice to a promotional video he was putting together for Peter S. Williams' book C. S. Lewis vs the New Atheists. Following a number of videos on the subject (which seemed to go down well), I was approached by Michael Jones of the YouTube channel Inspiring Philosophy to record Lewis' essay Man or Rabbit? for his channel.
Now, four years on from the latter, I've been mining my library of plummy British accents one more time for his latest video, What is Heaven?, which uses passages from The Great Divorce and Lewis' studies of the Psalms. The result has now out on YouTube and is already racking up the views, which is very gratifying.
I'm no voiceover expert, even after all my time on radio, but it's really exciting to have an opportunity to express myself in this way and to contribute to a worthwhile outlet for Christian apologetics. A lot of the content in Michael's videos is challenging, even to someone like myself who has been a Christian all my life. But being challenged ultimately strengthened us and helps us grow, even if it can feel painful or arduous at times.
Many thanks to Michael Jones for asking me to be involved (and putting up with endless retakes), and to Peter Byrom for unleashing this talent of mine (such as it is) in the first place.

I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a happy new year. Thank you for supporting this blog and God bless you all :)