C. S. Lewis: Man or Rabbit?

Last year I posted on here about my involvement in a little project with my friend Peter Byrom, in which I leant my voice to a YouTube trailer promoting the book C. S. Lewis vs. the New Atheists by Peter S. Williams. Now I'm please to announce a reprisal of my role in a little piece for YouTube channel Inspiring Philosophy.
To cut a long story short, I was contacted through Pete by Mike (who runs the channel in America) about the prospect of lending my voice to the Lewis essay 'Man or Rabbit?', which he would then set to images. Being a Lewis fan, I was happy to be asked to do this, and my enthusiasm grew after reading the essay: like so much of 'Jack''s work, it's a brilliant piece of scholarship. So I teamed up with Tom Hopkins of Phonic FM (on which I still broadcast) and you can now watch the results below:
I'm really proud of the finish results, and judging by some of the initial comments, people seemed to think I did a good job. If you want to read the essay in full, you can download it here. Alternatively, click here for something a little more Narnian in nature, courtesy of Letters of Note. Thank you!