Work-Related Hiatus

Just a heads-up that as of tomorrow, I won't be online as much for a short while because of work commitments.

For those who don't know, when I'm not spamming you with my opinions on film, I work full-time as a researcher for a online film and multimedia company called Dream Machine Media, and we're in the middle of a project which involves a lot of location shooting in north-west Wales. I'm heading up there for the first block tomorrow, which will last until Friday, and after that I may be gone for another week if the weather is good enough for us to shoot.
I'll still attempt to keep content coming your way; you'll still get a From the Archives at some point this Friday, and if I get the chance this weekend you might get my thoughts on Disney's Treasure Planet. But in likelihood you won't get too many reviews from me in the next two weeks, so please bear with me. I love my job and am so lucky to be involved in such a great project, so I don't want anything, however meaningful, to distract me during this shoot.

Catch you soon and thanks again,