ANNOUNCEMENTS: Goodbye for now

As you may have gathered, things have been very quiet on the blog of late, with my last post - a review of A Matter of Life and Death - coming more than two months ago. I indicated on my Twitter feed that I have been working on new reviews (here), but upon further reflection I've decided to put this blog to bed for a bit and concentrate on other things.

Without wishing to go into too much unnecessary detail, running this blog and working on other projects has been taking up time that I need to be devoting to my family. I've been blogging my thoughts on film and other matters for more than seven years, my first post here being in January 2012. I've changed a lot in that time, and a lot of things have changed for me - I've changed jobs multiple times, moved house multiple times, and got married to my amazing wife Aimee. Now I'm at a point in time where I have to unequivocally put my family first, and that means putting this blog to bed.

Additionally, I have been suffering with bad writer's block for quite some time - one cannot force oneself to be creative, and I never want to be in the situation of churning something out, either here or anywhere else, for the sake of remaining in the limelight. I never ran this blog with the intention of making money off it or becoming famous because of it - it was a vehicle for my creativity, and if people liked what I wrote, then that was a bonus. Put simply, while I still love watching and talking about film, I feel like I'm running out of distinctive and creative ways to express my opinions, and I'd rather cut this short than post stuff that feels forced or second-rate.

There may come a time when I revive this site, either sporadically or regularly, and I will still express my opinions on all things film (and other matters) on Twitter as and when I wish. But for now, Mumby at the Movies is going on indefinite hiatus. Thanks for all your support, comments and feedback over the years - see you around.
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God bless you all