My brief appearance on BBC Guernsey

Yesterday afternoon, in the middle of re-watching the fantastic Lord of the Rings trilogy, I was invited by my good friend and counterpart Oscar Pearson to appear on BBC Guernsey to talk about the celebrities we have lost in 2016. It's been a while since I've done live radio, but I accepted.
You can listen to the results here for the next 30 days (though you will need to install the BBC Media Player app if you are reading this on a phone or tablet). Hopefully my comments weren't entirely rambling and nonsensical; if this is the case, you can find a more thoughtful and composed variation in my list of 2016 obituaries and the subsequent piece about counting my blessings as we begin 2017.

P. S. My first review of this year, Austenland, is in the works. Watch this space...