RIP in 2016

We've finally reached the end of what has been for many a tumultuous, depressing and downright despair-ridden year. Which means, of course, that it's time to take a look back and grieve for all those the film world has lost in 2016.
If there is anyone I have inadvertently omitted from the list, drop your own tributes in the comments section below. I'll be posting a quasi-review of the year with a somewhat more positive slant on the other side of Auld Lang Syne. See you all in 2017!


January 1 - Vilmos Zsigmond, Oscar-winning Hungarian-American cinematographer (The Deer
                   Hunter), cause of death unknown, 85.
January 2 - Leonard White, British TV producer (The Avengers), natural causes, 99.
January 4 - Frank Armitage, Australian-born American painter and background animator (Sleeping
                   Beauty), cause of death unknown, 91.
                - Robert Balser, American animator (Yellow Submarine), complications from respiratory
                  failure, 88.
                - Robert Stigwood, Australian band manager (Cream) and film producer (Grease), cause
                   of death unknown, 81.
January 5 - Christine Lawrence Finney, American painter and animator (Aladdin), cause of death
                   unknown, 47.
January 9 - Angus Scrimm, American actor (Phantasm), cause of death unknown, 89.
January 10 - David Bowie, British singer-songwriter, musician and actor (Labyrinth), liver cancer,
January 13 - Brian Bedford, British actor (Robin Hood), cancer, 80.
January 14 - Alan Rickman, English actor (Die Hard), pancreatic cancer, 69.
                  - Robert Bank Stewart, Scottish TV writer (Doctor Who), cancer, 84.
January 17 - Dale Griffin, British drummer (Mott the Hoople), Alzheimer's disease, 67.
January 18 - Glenn Frey, American songwriter, musician (The Eagles) and actor (Jerry Maguire),
                     complications following intestinal surgery, 67.
January 19 - Sheila Sim, Lady Attenborough, English actress (A Canterbury Tale), dementia, 93.
January 26 - Abe Vigoda, American actor (The Godfather), natural causes, 94.
January 30 - Frank Finlay, English actor (Othello), heart failure, 89.
January 31 - Sir Terry Wogan, Irish radio and TV broadcaster, cancer, 77.
February 4 - Jimmy Haskell, American composer and arranger (Big), cause of death unknown, 79.
February 6 - Dan Gerson, American screenwriter (Monsters, Inc.), brain cancer, 49.
February 9 - Donald E. Thorin, American cinematographer (Scent of a Woman), cause of death
                     unknown, 81.
February 15 - George Gaynes, Finnish-born American actor (Police Academy), cause of death
                       unknown, 98.
February 19 - Umberto Eco, Italian philosopher and novelist (The Name of the Rose), pancreatic
                       cancer, 84.
                    - Harper Lee, American author (To Kill A Mockingbird), died in her sleep, 89.
February 22 - Douglas Slocombe, British cinematographer (Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the
                       Lost Ark), complications from a fall, 103.
February 25 - Tony Burton, American actor (Rocky), complications from pneumonia, 78.
                    - Jim Clark, British film editor (The Killing Fields), cause of death unknown, 84.
February 26 - Antony Gibbs, British film editor (Dune), cause of death unknown, 90.
February 28 - Frank Kelly, Irish actor (Father Ted), heart attack, 77.
                    - George Kennedy, American actor (The Naked Gun), heart disease, 91.
March 6 - Nancy Reagan, American First Lady (1981-89) and actress, heart failure, 94.
March 7 - Michael White, British film producer (Monty Python and the Holy Grail), heart failure,
March 8 - Sir George Martin, British composer and producer (The Beatles), died in his sleep, 90.
March 10 - Sir Ken Adam, Oscar-winning German-born British production designer (Dr.
                   Strangelove), short illness, 95.
March 14 - Sir Peter Maxwell Davies, British composer and conductor, Master of the Queen's Music
                   (2004-14), leukhaemia, 81.
March 15 - Sylvia Anderson, English film and TV producer, writer and voice actress (Thunderbirds),
                   short illness, 88.
March 17 - Paul Daniels, British magician, brain tumour, 77.
March 18 - Barry Reeve, English author (A Kestral for a Knave), Alzheimer's disease, 76.
March 24 - Maggic Blye, American actress (The Italian Job), cancer, 73.
                 - Johan Cruyff, Dutch footballer and manager, lung cancer, 68.
March 28 - Peggy Fortnum, English illustrator (Paddington Bear), cause of death unknown, 96.
March 31 - Ronnie Corbett, British actor and comedian (The Two Ronnies), motor neurone disease,
April 3 - Erik Bauersfeld, American radio dramatist and voice actor (Star Wars: Episode VI - Return
               of the Jedi), cause of death unknown, 93.
April 6 - Dennis Davis, American drummer (David Bowie), cancer, 64.
April 12 - David Gest, American TV producer and reality show contestant, stroke, 62.
April 13 - Gareth Thomas, Welsh actor (Blake's 7), heart failure, 71.
April 16 - Rod Daniel, American film director (Teen Wolf), Parkinson's disease, 73.
               - Kit West, Oscar-winning British special effects artist (Indiana Jones and the Raiders of
                 the Lost Ark), cause of death unknown, 79.
April 20 - Guy Hamilton, French-born British film director (Battle of Britain), cause of death
                 unknown, 93.
              - Victoria Wood, British comedian and actress (dinnerladies), cancer, 62.
April 21 - Prince, Oscar-winning American musician, songwriter and actor (Purple Rain), accidental
                 overdose of fentanyl, 57.
April 24 - Billy Paul, American R&B singer ('Me And Mrs Jones'), pancreatic cancer, 81.
May 10 - Gene Gutowski, Polish-born American film producer (The Pianist). pneumonia, 90.
May 13 - Makiko Futaki, Japanese animator (Spirited Away), unspecified illness, 57.
May 18 - Ian Watkin, New Zealand actor (Braindead), cause of death unknown, 76.
May 19 - John Berry, American musician (Beastie Boys), frontal lobe dementia, 52.
             - Alan Young, English-born Canadian-American actor (The Time Machine), natural causes,
May 24 - Bert Kwouk, British actor (The Pink Panther series), cancer, 85.
May 31 - Carla Lane, English TV writer (The Liver Birds), cause of death unknown, 87.
June 2 - Willis Pyle, American animator (Bambi), natural causes, 101.
June 3 - Muhammad Ali, American three-time world heavyweight boxing champion (1964, 1974,
              1978), septic shock, 74.
June 6 - Theresa Saldana, American actress (Raging Bull), renal failure, 61.
           -  Sir Peter Shaffer, Oscar-winning British playwright and screenwriter (Amadeus), cause of
              death unknown, 90.
June 16 - Jo Cox, British politician, MP for Batley and Spen (2015-16), shot and stabbed, 41.
June 19 - Anton Yelchin, Soviet-born American actor (Star Trek), blunt traumatic asphyxia, 27.
June 23 - Michael Herr, American author (Dispatches) and screenwriter (Full Metal Jacket), cause
                of death unknown, 76.
July 1 - Robin Hardy, British film director (The Wicker Man), cause of death unknown, 86.
July 2 - Caroline Aherne, English comedian, actress and writer (The Fast Show), throat cancer, 52.
           - Michael Cimino, Oscar-winning American film director (The Deer Hunter), cause of death
             unknown, 77.
July 4 - Abbas Kiarostami, Iranian film director and screenwriter (Certified Copy), gastointestinal
             cancer, 76.
July 7 - James Gilbert, Scottish TV producer (The Two Ronnies), cause of death unknown, 93.
July 13 - Hector Babenco, Argentine-born Brazilian film director, producer and screenwriter (Kiss
               of the Spider Woman), heart attack, 70.
July 14 - Eric Bergren, American screenwriter (The Elephant Man), liver cancer, 62.
July 17 - Fred Tomlinson, British singer, composer and critic ('The Lumberjack Song'), cause of
               death unknown, 88.
July 19 - Garry Marshall, American director, producer, writer and actor (Pretty Woman),
               pneumonia, 81.
July 22 - Shawshank tree, North American white oak featured in The Shawshank Redemption, blown
               over by strong winds, c. 180.
July 25 - Tim LaHaye, American Christian evangelical minister and author (Left Behind), stroke, 90.
July 26 - Sandy Pearlman, American record producer and band manager (The Clash), pneumonia as
               a complication from a stroke, 72.
July 29 - Ken Barrie, British voice actor and singer (Postman Pat), liver cancer, 83.
August 11 - Roly Bain, English priest and clown, cancer, 62.
August 13 - Kenny Baker, British actor (Star Wars), short illness, 81.
August 21 - Sir Antony Jay, English broadcast, director and writer (Yes, Minister), cause of death
                    unknown, 86.
                  - Norma Moriceau, Australian costume designer (Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior), cause
                    of death unknown, 72.
August 29 - Gene Wilder, American actor (Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory), screenwriter
                    and author, complications from Alzheimer's disease, 83.
September 11 - Alexis Arquette, American actress (Pulp Fiction), cardiac arrest, 47.
September 16 - Edward Albee, American playwright (Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?), cause of
                          death unknown, 88.
September 28 - Shimon Peres, Polish-born Nobel Prize-winning Israeli President (2007-14) and
                         Prime Minister (1977, 1984-86, 1995-96), stroke, 93.
October 2 - Sir Neville Marriner, British conductor (Amadeus) and founder of the Academy of St
                   Martin in the Fields, cause of death unknown, 92.
October 5 - Michiyo Yasuda, Japanese animator (Princess Mononoke), cause of death unknown, 77.
October 7 - Wolfgang Suschitzky, Austro-Hungarian-born British photographer and
                    cinematographer (Get Carter), cause of death unknown, 104.
October 8 - Gary Dubin, American actor (The Aristocats), bone cancer, 57.
October 13 - Dario Fo, Italian Nobel Prize-winning playwright (Mistero Buffo), serious respiratory
                      illness, 90.
October 23 - Pete Burns, English singer-songwriter (Dead Or Alive), cardiac arrest, 57.
                   - Jimmy Perry, English actor and screenwriter (Dad's Army), short illness, 93.
November 7 - Leonard Cohen, Canadian singer-songwriter ('Hallelujah'), poet and novelist,
                       complications from a novelist, 93.
                     - Sir Jimmy Young, British radio personality and singer ('Unchained Melody)', cause of
                       death unknown, 95.
November 8 - Raoul Coutard, French cinematographer (Breathless), cause of death unknown, 92.
November 11 - Robert Vaughn, American actor (The Magnificent Seven), acute leukemia, 83.
November 15 - Mose Allison, American jazz pianist, singer and songwriter ('Young Man Blues'),
                          natural causes, 89.
November 23 - Andrew Sachs, German-born British actor (Fawlty Towers), dementia, 86.
November 24 - Al Brodax, American film and TV producer (Yellow Submarine), cause of death
                          unknown, 90
November 25 - Fidel Castro, Cuban politician, Prime Minister (1959-76) and President (1976-2008),
                         cause of death unknown, 90.
    December 6 - Peter Vaughan, British actor (Citizen Smith), cause of death unknown, 93.
    December 10 - A. A. Gill, British writer and restaurant critic (The Sunday Times), lung cancer, 62.
    December 13 - Alan Thicke, Canadian actor (Growing Pains), talk show host and songwriter,
                             ruptured aorta, 69.
    December 18 - Zsa Zsa Gabor, Hungarian-born American actress (Touch of Evil) and socialite, heart
                             attack, 99.
    December 19 - Lionel Blue, British rabbi, journalist and broadcaster, complications from Parkinson's
                             disease, 86.
    December 24 - Richard Adams, British author (Watership Down), complications from a blood
                             disorder, 96.
                           - Rick Parfitt, British singer-songwriter and guitarist (Status Quo), infection, 68.
                           - Liz Smith, British actress (Charlie and the Chocolate Factory), cause of death
                              unknown, 95.
    December 25 - George Michael, British singer-songwriter (Wham!), suspected heart failure, 53.
    December 27 - Carrie Fisher, American actress (Star Wars), novelist and screenwriter,
                             complications from a heart attack, 60.
    December 28 - Debbie Reynolds, American actress (Singin' in the Rain), dancer and singer, stroke,