Riding Lights: Crosslight

Lent is upon us, which can mean only two things: one, that it's time to give something up (this year it's meat), and two, Riding Lights Theatre Company are on tour with their Easter production. This year it's Crosslight, and if you live in my part of the UK you'll have three opportunities to catch it.
Crosslight follows on from the success of Inheritance last year, focussing on the experience of Simon Peter, chosen by Jesus to be the rock upon which He would build His church (Matthew 16:18). But the disciple who was chosen to lead is shattered by the events of Holy Week, with the Last Supper, the events in the garden of Gethsemane and his subsequent denials of Jesus leaving him in pieces. As family and friends gather around the cross as Jesus breathes his last for the sins of Mankind, the play explores Peter's absence and its implications.
This production finds artistic director Paul Burbridge back in the director's chair, having co-written the production with Summer Theatre School regular Les Ellison. Both men are excellent dramatists with many years' experience of translating the power of the Gospel into a rich theatrical experience. If you've ever struggled to get a handle on the Passion story, or need something to reinvigorate a tale you've heard so many times, this could be just the thing you need.
Crosslight will be performed at venues across the UK until March 28. If you live in the South West, you can catch the show at Bath on March 6, Exeter on March 8, or Malmesbury on March 22. Tickets can be reserved for each venue by visiting www.ridinglights.org/crosslight or by calling the Riding Lights box office on 01904 613000. Hope to see you there and Happy Easter!