RIP in 2015

We have come to the end of another eventful year here on Mumby at the Movies, and it's time to take a moment to look back and mourn all those that the film world (and others) have lost in 2015. I'll admit I've been a little lax in keeping up with all these deaths, but given my work commitments and other changes outlined here, I can't entirely be blamed for some names having passed my by.
As always, if there's anyone I've glaringly omitted, feel free to drop me a comment below. Without further ado, then, here are the people we said goodbye to this year: 

January 5 - Bernard Williams, British film producer (Flash Gordon), cancer, 72.
January 7 - Rod Taylor, Australian film actor (The Time Machine), heart attack, 84.
January 9 - Samuel Goldwyn Jr., American film producer (Master and Commander: The Far Side of
                     the World), congestive heart failure, 88.
January 10 - Brian Clemens, British screenwriter and TV producer (The Avengers), cause of death
                        unknown, 83.
January 20 - Edgar Froese, German musician (Tangerine Dream) and composer (Sorceror),
                       pulmonary embolism, 70.
January 23 - Barrie Ingham, English stage and film actor (The Great Mouse Detective), cause of death
                        unknown, 82.
January 30 - Geraldine McEwan, English actress (Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves), complications
                       from a stroke, 82.
February 3 - Monty Oum, American animator, writer and director (RWBY), anaphlaxis, 33.
February 14 - Pamela Cundell, English actress (Dad's Army), cause of death unknown, 95.
February 27 - Leonard Nimoy, American actor (Star Trek), chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, 83.
March 1 - Daniel von Bargen, American actor (Malcolm in the Middle), cause of death unknown, 64.
March 8 - Sam Simon, American writer, producer and director (The Simpsons), colorectal cancer, 59.
March 10 - Richard Glatzer, American writer, producer and director (Still Alice), ALS, 64.
March 12 - Terry Pratchett, British author (Wyrd Sisters), posterior cortical atrophy, 66.
March 28 - Gene Saks, American film and theatre director (The Odd Couple), pneumonia, 93.
April 5 - Richard Dysart, American character actor (The Thing), long illness, 86.
April 7 - Stan Freberg, American comedian and voice actor (Lady and the Tramp), pneumonia, 88.
April 27 - Andrew Lesnie, Australian cinematographer (The Lord of the Rings), heart attack, 58.
May 9 - Christopher Wood, English novelist and screenwriter (The Spy Who Loved Me), cause of
              death unknown, 79.
May 14 - B. B. King, American blues musician and composer (Into The Night), complications from
                Alzheimer's disease, 89.
May 20 - Mary Ellen Trainor, American actress (Lethal Weapon), pancreatic cancer, 82.
June 1 - Charles Kennedy, British politician, leader of the Liberal Democrats (1999-2006), internal
                haemorrhage, 55.
June 6 - Richard Johnson, British actor and producer (The Haunting), cause of death unknown, 87.
June 7 - Christopher Lee, English actor and singer (Dracula), heart failure, 93.
June 10 - Robert Chartoff, American film producer (Rocky), pancreatic cancer, 81.
June 11 - Ron Moody, English actor (Oliver!), cause of death unknown, 91.
June 18 - Jack Rollins, American film producer (Annie Hall), cause of death unknown, 100.
June 22 - James Horner, American film composer (Apollo 13), plane horner, 61.
June 25 - Patrick Macnee, English-American actor (The Avengers), cause of death unknown, 93.
June 27 - Chris Squire, English bassist (Yes), acute erythroid leukemia, 67.
July 6 - Jerry Weintraub, American film producer (The Karate Kid), heart attacks, 77.
July 10 - Omar Sharif, Egyptian actor (Lawrence of Arabia), heart attack, 83.
July 15 - Aubrey Morris, British actor (A Clockwork Orange), cause of death unknown, 89.
July 17 - Nova Pilbeam, British actress (The Man Who Knew Too Much), cause of death unknown, 95.
July 18 - Alex Rocco, American actor (The Godfather), cancer, 79.
July 26 - Vic Firth, American musician and drumstick manufacturer, pancreatic cancer, 85.
August 1 - Cilla Black, British singer and TV presenter (Blind Date), stroke following a fall, 72.
August 5 - George Cole, English actor (Minder), short illness, 90.
August 7 - Uggie, American canine actor (The Artist), euthanased, 13.
August 9 - Jack Gold, British director (The Naked Civil Servant), cause of death unknown, 86.
                 - David Nobbs, British novelist and comedy writer (The Fall and Rise of Reginald Perrin),
                    cause of death unknown, 80.
                 - Susan Sheridan, English actress and voice artist (The Black Cauldron), cancer, 68.
August 12 - Stephen Lewis, English comedy actor (On The Buses), cause of death unknown, 88.
August 30 - Wes Craven, American film director (A Nightmare on Elm Street), brain cancer, 76.
                - Oliver Sacks, British neurologist and author (Awakenings), liver cancer, 82.
September 1 - Dean Jones, American actor (The Love Bug), Parkinson's disease, 84.
September 4 - Warren Murphy, American author and screenwriter (Lethal Weapon 2), cause of death
                            unknown, 81.
September 13 - Brian Close, English cricketer, cause of death unknown, 84.
September 17 - D. M. Marshman Jr., American screenwriter (Sunset Boulevard), cause of death
                              unknown, 92.
September 27 - Frank Tyson, English cricketer, cause of death unknown, 85.
October 3 - Denis Healey, British politician, Defence Secretary (1964-70), Chancellor of the Exchequer
                    (1974-79) and Deputy Leader of the Labour Party (1980-83), heart attack, 98.
October 9 - Geoffrey Howe, Chancellor of the Exchequer (1979-83) and Foreign Secretary (1983-89),
                      heart attack, 88.
October 21 - Michael Meacher, British politician, Labour MP for Oldham West (1970-97) and Oldham
                     West and Royton (1997-2015), short illness, 75.
October 27 - Philip French, British film critic (The Observer), heart attack, 82.
October 30 - Al Molinaro, American actor (Happy Days), complications from infected gall bladder, 96.
November 2 - Colin Welland, British actor and screenwriter (Chariots of Fire), died in his sleep, 81.
November 4 - Melissa Mathison, American screenwriter (E. T. the Extra-Terrestrial), neuroendocrine
                           cancer, 65.
November 14 - Warren Mitchell, British actor (Till Death Us Do Part), long illness, 89.
December 4 - Robert Loggia, American actor (Scarface), Alzheimer's disease, 85.
December 6- Nicholas Smith, British actor (Are You Being Served?), complications from a fall, 81.
December 9 - Akiyuki Nosaka, Japanese politician and novelist (Grave of the Fireflies), cause of
                          death unknown, 85.
December 25 - George Clayton Johnson, American writer (Logan's Run, The Twilight Zone), prostate
                            and bladder cancer, 86.
December 27 - Haskell Wexler, American cinematographer (Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?), died in
                             his sleep, 93.
December 28 - Lemmy, English rock musician (Motorhead), cancer, 70.

Thank you to everyone who has supported this blog in 2015. I look forward to your company in the new year - and there'll be another post soon about what you can expect from me in 2016. Happy new year!