ANNOUNCEMENTS: The Goon Show Guide and Other Matters

Hello everyone, and thanks again for following my blog. Some of you may have noticed the increasingly sporadic nature of posts here, and the fact (particularly if you follow me on Twitter) that I've had to keep postponing instalments of my newest regular feature, The Goon Show Guide. Let me therefore clear a couple of things up.

With The Goon Show Guide, I've been missing getting episodes out on time because, quite simply, work is wearing me out. Wednesday evenings until recently have been a quiet enough time for me to collect my thoughts on something like this, but recently we've been thinly stretched with staff members leaving and I've come home very tired both physically and mentally. Under these circumstances it's hard to say anything new or be inspired, and I don't want to serve up dross to you, my loyal readers, just for the sake of having regular content coming out.

I still want to finish the series, but to do so I'll be shifting the feature from a weekly to monthy basis. I don't know which week of the month my thoughts on Series 7 will come out, but thereafter it will be the same day of each month until we finish, rather like I used to do with Blog Spot. This will allow me to keep the quality up while also having time for exam revision and shorthand practice, along with other things that are necessary for work.

On that subject, the need to revise for my exams - which are in a little over two months - means that posts will become a little thinner up until that time. You'll have quite a bit of content from me in the next few days, with a tribute to Wes Craven, some Riding Lights news and hopefully my review of The Prestige, but if I want to progress in my job I need to pass these exams this time around.

So, that's where we're at. Thanks for your patience and your patronage - please keep both coming and I'll do my best not to disappoint.
God bless, Daniel

(with apologies to Oscar Pearson)