Broadclyst Theatre Group: Wyrd Sisters

It seems an age since I was treading the boards with Broadclyst Theatre Group in Devon - even though it was only last September that I was starring with them in Improbable Fiction. But I still like to keep up with the group's endeavours, having enjoyed my brief time with them so very much. Following a short Spring hiatus after another successful pantomime in Cinderella, the group are now back with a bang with Wyrd Sisters.
Displaying Wyrd Sisters.jpeg
Being someone who hasn't read any of Terry Pratchett's stories, I'm not exactly the best placed to sum up the story of Wyrd Sisters - at least, not without inadvertently offending those who are far more knowledgable about Discworld than myself. Suffice to say, the plot takes many of the key elements from Hamlet and Macbeth - two of my favourite Shakespeare plays - and creates around them a story of playful comedy and political intrigue. Whether you're a dyed-in-the-wool fantasy fan or coming to Pratchett for the very first time, it's an interesting story which is well-suited to the intimacy afforded by live theatre.
Last weekend, my fiancee Aimee and I had the chance to sit in on one of the last rehearsals of the production, ahead of the shows next week. While we've not had the chance to see any of the costumes - besides the brief glimpses afforded to us by the Exeter Express and Echo - it's far to say that you're in for a treat with the standard of the performances. Many of the old stalwarts are here, as are quite a few new faces, and Katie Jones' direction is as meticulous as ever. If you missed Cinderella, this will more than make up for it.
Wyrd Sisters will be performed at the Broadclyst Victory Hall between Thursday 13th and Saturday 15th August, with all shows starting at 7.30pm. Tickets are £9 for adults and £6.50 for children under 14, and can be purchased from Broadclyst Post Office or online via TicketSource. Aimee and I will be attending on the Friday night, and we hope to see plenty of you there!