Dumbshow: Electric Dreams in Edinburgh

The Edinburgh Festival Fringe is upon us once again, and in time-honoured fashion Dumbshow Theatre Company will be making an appearance. Having previously found success and acclaim with Clockheart Boy and The Pearl, this year the company is bringing their latest show, Electric Dreams, to an audience north of the border.
For those who didn't read my last post on Electric Dreams back in May, the show is based on Naomi Klein's controversial magnum opus, The Shock Doctrine. The drama centres around Rose, who inexplicably has no recollection of the first 18 years of her life. Aided by a group of librarians whose premises could soon be closed down, she begins a journey of discovery spanning 1950s mind control experiments, the erosion of the welfare state and the second Iraq War.
Having been honed and developed at the Camden People's Theatre, and trialed at a special performance in Derby only a few days ago, the show is now in its finished form and promises to be one of the highlights of the festival. Many of Dumbshow's familiar faces both on- and off-stage are involved in this production, including the excellent Rollo Clarke whose music for Clockheart Boy is truly beautiful. If your appetites need any further wheting, check out the trailer below:
Electric Dreams will be playing at the Jack Dome room in the Pleasance Dome in Edinburgh from August 5th to 30th, with the exception of rest days on the 17th and 24th. All performances start at 3.50pm and are suitable for anyone aged 12 and above. Click here to book tickets or visit Dumbshow's own site for more information. Enjoy!