Riding Lights Roughshod: Irresistible

I must confess to being a little bit out of the loop in recent times with the antics of my favourite thespians, the Riding Lights Theatre Company. One of the odd contradictions about working in local journalism is that you become so focussed on what is happens in your little part of the map that you completely lose sight of what is happening in the bigger picture.
As I may have stated before, I've been a big fan of Riding Lights Roughshod for many years, ever since their inspired wackiness at the Summer Theatre Schools I attended when I was in my teens. Their latest show, Irresistible, has been on tour since March, but there is still plenty of time to catch it before the tour concludes on July 11.
Irrestible appeals to me for two big reasons. One is the reputation of Roughshod: they have built up a fearsome track record of challenging the received wisdom (if you can call it that) of our age, and for achieving this through drama which is compelling, authetic, inventive and entertaining. The other is the involvement in the production of Open Doors, a charity which has worked tirelessly to serve persecuted Christians across the world. They, like Riding Lights, have always stood up for liberty and justice, and they deserve your support.
The full list of tour dates for Irresistible, along with details of how to book tickets, can be found here. If you live in Somerset, like me, your best bet is to pop over the border into Wiltshire, where the show will be coming to Trowbridge on June 18th and Malmesbury on June 19th. I'll be trying to get to one of these shows myself - hope to see you there!


P. S. If you catch the show and fancy applying to be in Roughshod, you can still apply to be part of next year's company until June 19th. Click here for all the details on how to apply.

P. P. S. Big thanks to Caitlin Burbridge, daughter of Riding Lights artistic director Paul Burbridge, for bringing the Wiltshire dates to my attention. You can follow Caitlin on Twitter @CaitBurbridge.