Riding Lights: Inheritance 2015

Lent might seem a long way off, given that we've only just emerged from a very chilly January. But Riding Lights Theatre Company are never ones to rest on their laurels, embarking on a new UK tour of their passion play Inheritance towards the end of this month.
I previewed the first tour of Inheritance back in March last year, since which time the play has garnered glowing reviews; The Church Times, one of the main Anglican papers, described it as "intense, intimate …a piece of perfection." Clearly audiences have taken to the show in such numbers that it has merited a revival, and if like me you missed it the first time round, now is your chance to make up for that error.
While many passion plays (plays about Easter and the events around it) focus on the life of Jesus directly, Inheritance ties together various Biblical strands to bring a female perspective on the most cataclysmic event in human history. As I said last year, it's fitting to tell the story this way. Women continued to be marginalised in societies the world over, and the Christian story is that of a God who reaches out to those whom the world has shunned, to the point of coming to Earth in human form and dying for our sins. Check out the trailer:
Inheritance begins touring the UK on February 26th, with a full list of dates being available here. Tickets can be reserved through the Riding Lights website or by calling the box office on 01904 613000. I'll be attempting to catch the show when it comes to Axminster on March 22nd, so I may see you there!