LISTS OF NOTE: Something from The White Album (not)

My posts on here have become somewhat more sporadic since I started working at The Western Gazette. As you would expect, I'm letting the full-time paid work take priority and writing stuff for here when I can. Today's List of Note is, given my new job situation, particularly apposite.
In her 1979 book The White Album (which has nothing to do with The Beatles), writer and journalist Joan Didion revealed her packing list - a list of everything she carried with her when she was working full-time as a reporter in Hollywood. I can't claim to have shared in the kind of plight (or adventure) that Didion endured or enjoyed, but it's an interesting vignette into the impulsive, spontaneous and often groundless life of a journalist.
You can read Didion's list, and the section of The White Album from which it is taken, here. If you like what you read, the Lists of Note book by Shaun Usher has recently been published, and you can order it here. If you're left wanting more on journalism, check out my old review of All The President's Men.