Butterscotch Sunday: Antichrist

The last time I talked about Butterscotch Sunday, I was giving a well-deserved plug to its screening of Where The Wild Things Are back in April. Now after another little break, they're back with the support of the Exeter Pheonix and a film which couldn't be further removed from Spike Jonze's work.
On Sunday, November 16, Butterscotch Sunday will be staging an interactive screening of Antichrist, Lars von Trier's infamous 18-certificate arthouse horror which won prizes at the Cannes Film Festival and became one of the most divisive films of 2009. Starring Willem Dafoe and Charlotte Gainsbourg, the film follows a nameless couple who retreat into a cabin in the woods following the tragic death of their young son. Drawing on horror works as varied as Don't Look Now and The Evil Dead, it promises to be a demented and demanding experience.
Antichrist is being presented as part of the Scandiland series, which includes other Scandinavian and Nordic films like Troll Hunter and Babette's Feast (which itself is not for the faint-hearted). But unlike the other film screenings, Antichrist is truly interactive. The screening will take place in the Sylvania Hut in Mincinglake Park, Exeter, and will be preceded by a woodland walk with haunting music from songwriter Ulrika-Igraine. Both aspects are designed to make the experience truly immersive - and if Butterscotch Sunday's record is anything go by, they will succeed in doing this.
The screening of Antichrist will begin at 7:30pm on November 16th. Tickets cost £10 (not including booking fee) and are available from the Exeter Phoenix box office. For more information on the film click on the official event profile here, or check out the trailer below and let chaos reign: