Riding Lights: Fantastic Acts

It's been a little while since I've talked about Riding Lights - and they've been far from idle in all that time. Following their acclaimed tour for Inheritance, and another well-attended Summer Theatre School, they're now gearing up for another national tour with Fantastic Acts.
Fantastic Acts, as the title sounds, takes its inspiration and much of its subject matter from the Book of Acts, which concerns the early years of the church after Jesus' ascension into heaven. But rather than just putting the book on stage, the play focussed on the modern-day questions of Julia, who heads to the Mediterranean in search of space and answers. At the site where the early church took shape, she is exposed to extraordinary stories and random acts of kindness, and discovers that the book of Acts may have quite a lot of what she's looking for...
At their Members' Day in Coventry earlier this year, Riding Lights' head honcho Paul Burbridge observed that it was getting increasingly difficult for Christian theatre companies to sell shows to audiences. Whatever the reason - and he put forward a number - I urge you to put aside whatever preconceptions you may have and see this show. Riding Lights are a prodigiously gifted and passionate company with an incredibly high standard of performance and storytelling - in short, you'll get more than just your money's worth.

Fantastic Acts is touring the UK from next month, beginning in York on October 8th and finishing up in Newcastle on November 29th. You can find all the tour dates here, along with how to book your tickets and what group discounts are available. Don't miss it!