Dumbshow: The Pearl @ The Bike Shed

I spent a fair amount of time last year persuading you to see The Pearl, Dumbshow Theatre Company's critically acclaimed adaptation of John Steinbeck's 1947 novella. Now, following successful previews at the Rose Theatre in Kingston-upon-Thames and a warmly-received run at last year's Edinburgh Festival, Dumbshow are bringing their unique brand of fantasy mayhem to The Bike Shed Theatre in Exeter.
In case you need reminding, The Pearl follows impoverished pearl-diver Kino, who finds an enormous pearl that he believes will transform his fortunes. At first all seems well, as he marries his sweetheart Joanna and they have a son. But other men also desire the pearl, and soon the very thing which brought him so much hope has led Kito down a dark path, ending in indifference and despair...
I've been a big fan of The Bike Shed Theatre for some time, having attended a number of Butterscotch Sundays there (for I'm Not There, Mulholland Drive, Metropolis and Where The Wild Things Are). The theatre is an intimate, cosy and welcoming space which puts the audience very closer to the performance, and the management always try to encourage the best in local and avant-garde talent. It's the perfect venue for Dumbshow to present their show, having refined it over the last year.
The Pearl is playing at The Bike Shed Theatre on Monday September 22nd from 7:30pm. Tickets are £12 for adults and £8 for concessions, which can be purchased by calling (01392) 434169 or by clicking here. Don't forget to follow Dumbshow on Twitter @dumbshowtheatre. You're in for a treat!



  1. The Pearl sure looks interesting!

    By the way, I really loved your previous post about Richard Attenborough.


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