In my third 'Awesome/ Sucked' article for WhatCulture! this month, I'm taking a long look at the career of Ian McShane to mark the release of Hercules. As much as I hate giving Brett Ratner any kind of publicity - there's a reason he's known as Hollywood's Toilet - I have a feeling that McShane's presence will at the very least make it a bit more bearable to sit through. I hope so, anyway.
Paramount Pictures
You can real my analysis of McShane's career here. Like my article on Keira Knightley, this did require a last-minute re-write, but hopefully you wouldn't have noticed if I hadn't told you. Don't forget to read my other articles this month, on Eric Bana and Andy Serkis respectively, or check out my Percy Jackson reviews if you're still hankering after some good old Greek mythology. Join me next week for something a little bit different...