WHATCULTURE!: Annoying Things at the Cinema

My latest WhatCulture! article is a little bit different to any that I've written before. Rather than tackling a specific film or actor, it's an examination of the worst things that can happen when you venture into the cinema, regardless of what film you choose to see. It's also much closer to the kind of stuff you'd find on Buzzfeed, being altogether pithier and rantier in tone.
You can read my latest article in full here. If you're not a fan of it, don't worry - there'll be more from me along the usual lines later in the week. Look out for another post, this time around the career of Willem Dafoe...


P. S. A great deal of credit for this article must go to Simon Mayo and Mark Kermode. Their Cinema Code of Conduct, created for BBC Radio 5Live, inspired many of the points that I included. Thanks also to my girlfriend Aimee for her helpful suggestions.

P. P. S. If you want a cinema in which none of these things will transpire, I thoroughly recommend the Tyneside Cinema. Check out my tribute to it here.