Cullompton Community Centre: Where We Are Now

Although it's been a while since I worked for NavMotion, I've always tried to keep my hand in with filmmaking. Today I'd like to bring to your attention the fruits of one such labour: a short video I made for the Cullompton Community Centre.
Cullompton Community Centre is a fantastic venue where businesses and community groups alike can hold meetings, conferences or events in a spacious, welcoming environment. A little while ago a service was held at St. Andrew's Church in Cullompton to celebrate the Centre's work for the local community, and I was asked to put together a short video explaining what exactly the Centre provides.

NavMotion were very kind to provide me with the camera equipment and editing software free of charge. I'm very proud of the results and I hope that you will enjoy them.

 There is also a subtitled version available, if you prefer: