Saturday, 14 June 2014

BLOG SPOT: The First 25


I've just completed the 25th edition of Blog Spot, which means I've now been running this feature for a little over two years. Considering that this blog is barely two-and-a-half years old, I'd say that's pretty good going for a regular feature.

So, without any further ado, I've decided to mark the occasion by bringing all the entries into one place for your perusal and enjoyment. Here's to the next 25!

1. Best for Film (Natasha Hodgson)
2. Film Master Journal (Thomas Pollock)
3. The Liebster Award (various)
4. Kermode Uncut (Mark Kermode)
5. Christ and Pop Culture (Patheos)
6. Movies with Mitch
7. JesuOtaku (Hope Chapman)
8. Thoughts of a Steelmonster (Andy Steel)
9. Radio Dead Air (Nash Bozard)
10. Luch's Classical Journey (Luch Càise-Dearg)
11. Brows Held High (Kyle Kallgren)
12. LOstnWOnderland
13. Stuff You Like (Jill Bearup)
14. Generation Film! (Kyle Bruehl)
15. Folding Ideas (Dan Olson)
16. Briony Rawle
17. Olly Moss
18. Chasing the Muse (Derek Burrow)
19. Letters of Note (Shaun Usher)
20. Chris Stuckmann
21. JewWario (Justin Carmical)
22. Darren Lock
23. Chat Politics/ Chat Life (Oscar Pearson/ Philip Chidell)
24. ChiqueGeeks (Marita Holm/ Amy 'Giggleface')



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