BLOG SPOT #24: ChiqueGeeks

Welcome once again to Blog Spot, the section of the blog devoted entirely to counteracting my own, all-encompassing narcissism. Following last month's comparatively serious outing, where we looked at Chat Politics & Chat Life, this month we're going for something more entertainingly silly, in the form of ChiqueGeeks.
ChiqueGeeks are a female double act on YouTube comprising of Norwegians Marita 'Mary' Holm (the blonde one) and Amy 'Giggleface' (Raaawrable on YouTube, even more evasively). The majority of their videos to date have been 'Drunken Reactions', wherein our two reviewers react to episodes of Sherlock, Doctor Who and more recently Game of Thrones while imbibing copious amouts of vodka. I first came across them after watching the conclusion of Sherlock series 3 and looking for other reactions - you can watch theirs below:
You won't find the same amount of insight into a given medium or programme in these ladies' videos that you might in, for instance, Stuff You Like with Jill Bearup. And when it comes to TV series with the profile of those mentioned, reaction videos on YouTube are ten-a-penny. But what singles out ChiqueGeeks is their unbridled enthusiasm for their given fandoms and the approachable, entertaining way in which it manifests itself.
Many fan reaction videos can feel staged as the participants go for the biggest reaction possible, or can just descend into monotonous, unedited screaming (and squeeing), which grates on one's ears and prevents you from understanding someone's passion. In this case, however, the reactions are completely genuine and often hilarious. We grow to like Amy and Marita as people, growing to understanding their obsessions and eventually empathising with their reactions.
You can find all of ChiqueGeeks' videos on YouTube. Any of the Sherlock or Doctor Who videos are a good starting place, with 'The Empty Hearse' being another favourite of mine. You can follow the channel on Twitter @chique_geeks, or follow the ladies individually @maritaholmj and @amygiggleface respectively. For more Sherlock stuff, click here to read my latest WhatCulture! article on the prospect of a one-off special. Join me next month for Blog Spot no. 25!