WHATCULTURE!: Don't Remake Scarface

Before I head off with my girlfriend on a relaxing Easter break, I've managed to bash out another article for WhatCulture!. Having contributed three articles on actors in recent memory, I'm now turning my attention to Scarface and the prospect of an upcoming remake.
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This is a close cousin of a brace of articles I wrote for WhatCulture! back in 2012. I was attempting to launch a new section of the site called 'Risk a Remake', with a different film being dissected every week to see whether a remake would actually be a good idea. I produced two entries along these lines - Paul Verhoeven's Showgirls and Blake Edwards' The Party, but quickly ran out of inspiration and didn't write anything for the site again for four months. While I don't regard this as a second attempt, it was a pretty easy and fun piece to write.
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You can read all 10 of my reasons not to remake Scarface here. My next WhatCulture! article returns to actors, as I'll be taking a look at the career of Paul Bettany. Join me again on the 25th...