Dumbshow: Electric Dreams

Last week I posted on here about Kill The Beast Theatre Company and their new show, He Had Hairy Hands. This week I'd like to draw your attention to another new show, which premieres in London this coming weekend. I refer in this instance to Dumbshow Theatre Company and Electric Dreams.
Dumbshow is another company that I've discussed on here quite a bit, including a plug for their performance of John Steinbeck's The Pearl at the Edinburgh Festival and the performances in London of Moon, written by Sam Gayton. I'm a big fan of their approach to storytelling, which draws heavily on the dark and weird substances of fairy tales and achieves a balance between adult themes and handling them in a manner which maintains our childlike curiosity about the world.
Having risen to the challenge with The Pearl and Clockheart Boy before that, Dumbshow's new show is set to push their own particular style to its limits. Electric Dreams is based on Naomi Klein's The Shock Doctrine, a hard-hitting political tome which made its author the darling of liberal America during the last decade. The show is in an experimental phase, but it looks like a fascinating examination of the way that narratives are used to manipulate us, and you should catch it while you can.
Electric Dreams is being performed as a one-off show at the Camden People's Theatre in London this Saturday May 3rd. The performance starts at 7:30pm, all tickets are £8 and can be purchased here. Best of luck to Dumbshow in taking the show forward!