Please Sponsor Me for the Exeter YMCA Sleepeasy!

Over the course of the last two years, I've used this blog to plug a large number of events in which I've personally been involved, mostly of a theatrical or cinematic nature. But today I'm asking you for a different kind of support, one that is potentially life-changing.
On Saturday 15th March, me, my girlfriend and a whole host of others are going to to be sleeping rough at the Guildhall Shopping Centre for Sleepeasy, raising money for Exeter YMCA. For over 160 years, Exeter YMCA have been turning around the lives of people made homeless by poverty, crime and family problems, providing them with shelter, helping them get qualifications and giving them back their sense of independence.
It's through events like this and the Santa Abseil I plugged last year that Exeter YMCA can continue providing these services, which are becoming all the more vital in this harsh economic climate. So if you are able to, please give generously and sponsor me and my girlfriend, as we sleep rough so that other young people don't have to.

To sponsor myself for Sleepeasy 2014, click here; to sponsor my girlfriend Aimee Braunton, click here. For more information, visit the Exeter YMCA website or listen to this recent interview recorded with Tom Wyatt on Phonic FM. Thank you and God bless you.