WHATCULTURE!: Actors Famous for One Film

My first article for WhatCulture! this month concerns actors or actress that are famous or widely known for only one film role. There's a lot of Indiana Jones in this list - not that that's a bad thing - and hopefully a few other interesting choices along the way.
 T 1000 Judgement Day
This article took a while to put together, and like my Keira Knightley article it needed quite a considerable rewrite after an editor looked at it. Rather stupidly, I'd failed to adequately explain why the role the actor/ actress in question played was so legendary, and so the whole thing had to be redone in a more analytical fashion. I hope the end result is better for this, and I am grateful to Assistant Editor of WhatCulture! Simon Gallagher for giving me a kick up the backside when I needed it.
You can read my latest article in full here. Watch this space for more WhatCulture! stuff, along with my conventional reviews. My thoughts on Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom are coming soon...