Riding Lights Roughshod: Incredible

We're getting closer to the Riding Lights Members' Day, when I'll be travelling up to Coventry to attend a production of Ben Jonson's The Alchemist and hear all about the company's plans for the coming year. One of the most exciting aspects of that is the unveiling of the new Roughshod company, usually by the showcasing of new material from their forthcoming tour.
For those who didn't read my posts on the 2013 intake of Roughshod or the iWitness tour from last year, Roughshod is the smaller-scale touring arm of Riding Lights. Created in 1992 to meet increasing demand for grass-roots performing, Roughshod perform in schools, prisons, town centres, army bases - places where bigger and more expensive productions, by bigger and more expensive companies, rarely venture. I've been a fan of Roughshod ever since my time on the Riding Light Summer Theatre School as a teenager, and now the 2014 intake is about to embark on a tour.
Beginning at the Friargate Theatre in York on February 20th (that's two weeks today), Roughshod will be taking their new show Incredible on tour around the UK until July 20th. That's five whole months on the road - and fittingly enough, the new show revolves around a road trip. Billed as a "journey of a lifetime", it promises to have many of the aspects which make Roughshod special: warm humour, personal inspiration, powerful stories of faith tested and fulfilled, and Christianity being explored in a refreshingly open way.

Dates are being added to the Incredible tour all the time, so keep an eye on the Riding Lights website for details of new shows and how to book tickets. Best of luck to all the new Shoddies, and see you in Coventry on the 22nd!