WHATCULTURE!: Sherlock Series 4

I'm generally indifferent towards modern-day TV, once remarking to a friend that the only things I watch on TV these days are Sherlock and test match cricket. Having tackled the latter on WhatCulture! last week, my latest article find me taking stock after a mixed Series 3 and wondering what the future holds for the great detective.
Sherlock Moriarty
This article has proved something of a cautionary tale. I had written the bulk of the article before the series finale His Last Vow had aired; like my article on Star Wars actors, it came together really quickly, presumably eminating from my lingering disappointment over The Sign of Three. Having missed the final broadcast due to rehearsals for Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (which you should all come and see), I caught up with the episode on iPlayer - and was blown away by how great it was. I therefore had to substantially rewrite whole sections in light of added context and the stand-alone quality of the finale. Journalists are often accused of jumping the gun when they get their teeth into something, and I came this close to doing the same.
You can read my (now hopefully more considered) article here. If you're wanting more Holmes-related stuff after that, you can check out my thoughts on The Great Mouse Detective here. It'll help to pass the time until Series 4 arrives...



  1. I agree that the third series, with the first episode being the worst, was overall disappointing, but somewhat rescued by a great final episode. It's like Doctor Who in a way, by this I mean the best episodes are often the standalone ones. In the case of Doctor Who the best episodes, from the rebooted series, are Blink, Midnight and the two part episode with the gas mask child. The more they attempt to tell a series long story, the more silly and convoluted it gets.

  2. At least The Empty Hearse tried to tell a story. I can't speak for Doctor Who but I do agree with you about stand-alone episodes.


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