Superbolt at London Vault

Four days ago I posted about Kill The Beast Theatre Company returning to London with their unique and highly acclaimed show, The Boy Who Kicked Pigs. Now another of the acts I recommended for last year's Edinburgh Festival are doing the same thing. I refer in this instance to the Superbolt Theatre Company, who are playing at the London Vault Festival next month.
While Kill The Beast are keeping busy enough with just one show, Superbolt have the daunting task of mounting two very different productions in a matter of days. One show is a revival of their debut Centralia, based on the real-life town of Centralia, Pennsylvania which was all-but-abandoned in the 1960s following an underground coal fire which still burns to this day. The players use a mixture of music, dance, comedy and cabaret to bring to life the stories of the town's remaining inhabitants.
The other show is The Uncanny Valley, which I covered in some detail in my post about the Edinburgh Festival. It follows the story of Wilson, a lonely man wandering a nameless city who discovers Her, a fully functioning and highly lifelike robot. If you a fan of classic sci-fi like Blade Runner and The Stepford Wives, or more modern fare like Chobits, you'll find an awful lot in this show that will engross and entertain.
Centralia plays at the London Vault Festival from February 4th-8th, with all performances at 8pm; The Uncanny Valley plays from February 11th-15th, with all shows at 7:30pm. All tickets are £12.50 and can be both either from the links in the previous paragraphs or through the show directory here. You'll be hearing a lot more from Superbolt in the years to come, so get ahead of the game and support them now - you won't regret it!