WHATCULTURE!: Keanu Reeves

My latest article for WhatCulture! follows the format of my pieces on Woody Harrelson and Christopher Lee in the last few weeks. This time around, to mark the release of 47 Ronin, I'm taking a look back at the career of Keanu Reeves, ripping into his bad performances but also highlighting a lot of the good stuff people may have forgotten.
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One of the interesting things that I've found from doing this article is how much one film or performance can alter an actor's technique for better or worse. The stick that Reeves has received over the past decade can in all likelihood be traced back to his inadequate performance in the Matrix sequels, which then affected every other role he took in the following years. While initial reviews indicate his new film will not be a return to form, it is worth noting that he was not always so wooden.

You can read my full planing of Reeves' career here. Look forward to more WhatCulture! stuff from me soon, including another cricket article and a piece of piracy, both of which will be along in the new year. Enjoy!