WHATCULTURE!: Charles Dickens

If you're anything like me, Charles Dickens is chiefly associated with one of three things: English lessons, costume dramas, and Christmas. The first may be long behind for most of us, but with the second ever popular and the third just around the corner, now seems the ideal time to examine the best adaptations of Dickens' work in film and TV.
My latest WhatCulture! article is just that, a Top 10 list of Dickens adaptations which will keep you occupied over Christmas and perhaps inspire you to pick up more of his celebrated books (in amongst all the films you are doubtless watching). The list combines modern adaptations with older, perhaps less well-known efforts, and a firm Christmas favourite in there too - no prizes for guessing which story that is based upon. Following from last month's countdown of Shakespeare adaptations, I'm hoping this kind of article will become something a regular feature on the site.
Muppets Christmas Carol
You can read my latest WhatCulture! article in full here. If you're still wanting more Dickens after all that, you can check out my review of Oliver & Company here, or click here for my reasons for loving The Muppet Christmas Carol. Happy reading!


P.S. For even more Dickens, keep your eyes peeled for my review of David Lean's version of Oliver Twist. Coming soon...