RIP in 2013

With New Year's Eve almost upon us, it's time once again to take a moment to remember all those people that the film interested has lost in 2013.
Below is a list of individuals that I've singled out, some of whom I've already paid tribute to on this site. If there's anyone that I've neglected to mention, feel free to drop me a comment in the box below.


January 5 - T. S. Cook, Americnan screenwriter (The China Syndrome), cancer, 65.
January 7 - David R. Ellis, American film director (Snakes on a Plane), cause of death unknown, 60.
January 21 - Michael Winner, British film director (Death Wish) and food critic, liver disease, 77.
January 22 - Leslie Frankenheimer, American set designer (Blade Runner), leukhaemia, 64.
January 31 - R. Gilbert Clayton, American set designer (The Untouchables), natural causes, 90.
February 5 - Stuart Freeborn, English make-up artist (Oliver Twist), cause of death unknown, 98.
                    - Gerry Hambling, English film editor (Pink Floyd - The Wall), cause of death unknown, 86.
February 8 - Alan Sharp, Scottish screenwriter (Rob Roy), cause of death unknown, 79.
February 13 - Gerry Day, American film and TV writer (The Black Hole), cancer, 91.
February 17 - Richard Briers, English actor (The Good Life), emphysema, 79.
March 20 - Jack Stokes, English animation director (Yellow Submarine), cause of death unknown, 92.
March 28 - Richard Griffiths, British actor (Withnail & I), complications from heart surgery, 65.
April 4 - Roger Ebert, American film critic (Siskel & Ebert), thyroid cancer, 70.
April 12 - Michael France, American screenwriter (Goldeneye), complications from diabetes, 51.
April 15 - Richard LeParmentier, American actor (Star Wars), cause of death unknown, 66.
April 18 - Storm Thorgerson, British graphic designer and album cover artist (Pink Floyd), cancer, 69.
May 7 - Ray Harryhausen, American animator (Jason and the Argonauts), natural causes, 92.
May 8 - Bryan Forbes, British actor, screenwriter and director (The Stepford Wives), long illness, 86.
May 29 - Nino Baragli, Italian film editor (Once Upon a Time in the West), cause of death unknown, 87.
June 6 - Tom Sharpe, British author (Porterhouse Blue), complications from diabetes, 85.
June 9 - Iain Banks, Scottish author (The Wasp Factory), gallbladder cancer, 59.
June 19 - James Gandolfini, American actor (Killing Them Softly), heart attack, 51.
June 23 - Richard Matheson, American writer (I Am Legend), cause of death unknown, 87.
June 25 - Mark Fisher, British stage designer and producer (The Wall), died in his sleep, 66.
July 12 - Alan Whicker, British broadcaster (Whicker's World), bronchial pneumonia, 87.
July 19 - Mel Smith, English comedian and actor (The Princess Bride), heart attack, 60.
August 20 - Elmore Leonard, American author (Rum Punch), complications from a stroke, 87.
August 23 - Gilbert Taylor, British cinematographer (Flash Gordon), natural causes, 99.
August 24 - Julie Harris, American actress (The Haunting), heart failure, 87.
August 31 - Sir David Frost, British broadcaster (That Was The Week That Was), heart attack, 74.
September 6 - Bill Wallis, British character actor (Brazil), multiple myeloma, 76.
September 18 - Richard C. Sarafian, American director (Vanishing Point), pneumonia, 83.
October 1 - Tom Clancy, American author (The Hunt for Red October), cause of death unknown, 66.
October 27 - Lou Reed, American rock musician (The Velvet Underground), liver disease, 71.
November 30 - Paul Walker, American actor (The Fast and the Furious), traffic collision, 40.
December 14 - Peter O'Toole, British-Irish actor (Lawrence of Arabia), long illness, 81.
December 15 - Joan Fontaine, British-American actress (Rebecca), natural causes, 96.
December 29 - Wojciech Kilar, Polish composer (The Pianist), cancer, 81.