WHATCULTURE!: Top 10 Shakespeare Adaptations

I've been getting back into Shakespeare a lot these last few weeks, pigging out on YouTube clips of (Sir) Kenneth Branagh and (Lord) Laurence Olivier, and watching a very interesting, interactive dissection of Richard III with (Sir) Ian McKellen (which you can peruse at your leisure here). So it's only fitting that my latest WhatCulture! article should examine attempts to bring Shakespeare to the big screen.
Branagh Henry V
I last talked about Shakespeare in detail in my tribute to Richard Briers nine months ago, which you can read here. I've had a lot of fun revisiting many of the versions I loved growing up, watching many great performances and seeing how interpretations have changed over time. Narrowing it down to a list of ten was by no means a painless process, but I am very happy with my choices - and fittingly enough, Briers crops up in some form in three of them.

You can read my complete list of Shakespeare recommendations here. There'll be more WhatCulture! stuff coming your way soon, including another article on Star Wars. Watch this space...