WHATCULTURE!: Star Wars Actors (+ Other Star Wars Stuff)

The buzz for Star Wars: Episode VII is continuing to grow, with first the announcement of open auditions across the UK and now an official release date of December 18th, 2015. So it only figures that my latest article for WhatCulture! would address what is already a hugely anticipated film.
Anthony Daniels C3po
While I wrote this article in very little time (less than 2 hours plus proof-reading), I wanted to draw attention to one aspect of Star Wars that is often overlooked: the impact on the actors involved in it. I don't often single out acting in my articles or reviews, but it is extraordinary how much Star Wars overshadows the careers of the people on my lists, and in several cases screen immortality has actually diminished them. It's certainly a cautionary tale for all those bright young hopefuls that queued up in Bristol earlier this week.
Star Wars
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