Riding Lights Christmas Shows 2013

Normally I'm loath to start posting anything about Christmas until December comes around. But considering that Riding Lights Theatre Company have two great shows touring in this festive period, I simply couldn't hold back from telling you.
Some of you may remember last year's Christmas show post, in which I talked about a show called Only 80 Miles to Christmas. Written by the brilliant Nigel Forde, it's a witty and fun retelling of the Nativity story with everything from terrifying traffic wardens to a talking camel called Desmond. Following a successful tour around Yorkshire last year, the show is now being taken on a UK tour from November 20th to December 23rd. Click here for more details or check out the trailer below for a sneak peak:
The second show, Goose Chase, is a brand new show rooted in the Russian folk tale of Baboushka. In the story Baboushka ('grandmother' in Russian) encounters the Three Kings (or Three Wise Men) during their journey to Jesus. It's a sweet and sad story about how the busyness of life can cause us to lose sight of what really matters - but Riding Lights have breathed new life into it, mixing all the distinctly Russian elements with traditional carols. The show is touring Yorkshire from November 19th to December 23rd; click here or check out the video below to find out more:

Both Goose Chase and Only 80 Miles to Christmas have a running time of about one hour, and are suitable for anyone aged 5 and over. To book your tickets call (01904) 613000 or visit RidingLights.org. Not to be missed!


P. S. If you live anywhere near York, there's still time left to catch Riding Lights' most recent show, a different drum. Click here to book tickets and for more information.