WHATCULTURE!: Terrible Sequels

My latest article for WhatCulture! deals with terrible sequels - something that we're all used to by now, since sequels, prequels and reboots have come to dominate the mainstream film market. There's so many which could be covered, but I've kept it to a Top 10 of sequels that I personally could do without.
You can read the list in full here. As an added bonus, WhatCulture! are paying me 40p for every 1000 views I get for articles written in October. So if you like the blog and the articles, please share with all your friends and give something back!


P. S. This month's Blog Spot is coming - I've just been really busy with both the Metropolis screening and A Man For All Seasons. You can still get tickets for the latter - follow the link for all the info.