Coming off the back of A Man For All Seasons, I felt inspired to write another piece for WhatCulture!. Having stepped into the shoes once filled by John Hurt (in the Oscar-winning film version), I got thinking about Hurt's career and decided to compile a list of his most underrated performances.
John Hurt Alien
To clarify - this is not necessarily a list of Hurt's out-and-out best performances. There are plenty of articles out there listing his best work, but all too often such lists just pick his most famous work, neglecting many of the excellent performances he gave before the likes of Alien or Midnight Express. This list is not an alterative Top 10 performances, it merely looks to throw in a few more possibilities for a future version of such a list.

You can read my recommendations re. John Hurt in full here. Thank you to everyone who came to see me in A Man For All Seasons, and thanks for supporting my work at WhatCulture!.