WHATCULTURE!: 5 Bad Bond Films

Most of us have a favourite Bond. Most of us have a favourite Bond film. But how much can we agree on the Bond films that are really bad? Well, perhaps my latest article for WhatCulture! can get the ball rolling.
Moonraker Roger Moore
Much like my article on over-long films (which you can read here), this article came together very quickly - in fact, it only took me a couple of hours. Granted, there are only 5 entries on the article rather than 10, but that's still a pretty brisk turnaround considering that most of my articles and reviews on here take several days to gestate in my mind and on the page. Either I'm getting more efficient... or I'm slacking off - you let me know which it is.

You can read my full WhatCulture! article here. If you're still in need of more Bond stuff after that, check out my thoughts on Skyfall or read my review of The Ipcress File, billed as "the thinking man's Goldfinger". I'm also planning to revisiting the first three Bourne films in the future, so watch this space.