Butterscotch Sunday: Metropolis

Back in July I did a post about Butterscotch Sunday, a series of interactive screenings taking place in and around Exeter co-organised by my sister Hannah. Having been involved in the Mulholland Drive screening and given a plug for Fantastic Mr. Fox, it's now my proud duty to draw your attention to the next such screening.
On Sunday October 13th at The Bike Shed Theatre, Butterscotch Sunday will be showing Metropolis, Fritz Lang's 1927 German expressionist masterpiece, which received a 2010 re-release in a new version following the discovery of missing footage. While the soundtrack that accompanied the 2010 release is pretty remarkable by itself, this screening will have a live piano accompaniment, creating a truly unique cinematic experience.
Metropolis tells the story of a great futuristic city of two distinct halves. On the surface live the pampered bourgeoisie, indulgent, decadent and blissfully ignorant of what lies below; underground are the proletariat, slaves to the great machines that power the city. Things soon go awry as the son of the city's owner Freder falls in love with the subterranean woman Maria, causing him to step into the underworld and fall foul of the mad scientist Rotwang...
Metropolis is one of the most important and influential films in science fiction, being the first feature-length example of the genre. It was one of the most expensive films of its time, and one of the most misunderstood, falling foul of both German and American censors. It boasts extraordinary expressionist sets and cinematography, groundbreaking special effects, and character archetypes that still resonate through cinema. Rotwang is the origin point for all subsequent cinematic mad scientists, while his distinctive costume was a big influence on Dr. Strangelove.
All tickets for the screening cost £7, and the Bike Shed's doors will be open from 7pm. For more details about the event and where you can purchase tickets,  check out the Butterscotch Sunday Facebook page here. Finally, in case you need any more incentive, I'll be performing a little something as part of the evening's entertainment. See you on the 13th...


P.S. To get a more in-depth idea of what to expect, check out my review of Metropolis from 2010 here.