Riding Lights: a different drum... The Encore

Back in January I did a post about a different drum, a show being revived by Riding Lights Theatre Company having first been performed by them in 1998. Now it's time for a different post about a different drum, because Riding Lights are embarked on a new tour for it this autumn.
Having originally played to rave reviews across the UK, a different drum has attracted similar levels of critical acclaim upon its revival - and it isn't hard to see why. Not only does it contain all the familiar elements and techniques that have made Riding Lights so successful for so long, but it manages to take audiences through some of the darkest moments in human history and find hope where on the surface there is only despair. In short, the show is a must-see and now is your chance to catch it. Check out the trailer:
a different drum tours throughout the autumn, beginning on Wakefield on September 27th, travelling across the UK and then finishing back at the Friargate Theatre in York on November 2nd. You can find all the details about the show, venues and how to book tickets by visiting the Riding Lights website here. The company are still looking for a venue in or near Abergavenny, so if you can help fill that available slot, contact the tour manager on (01904) 655317 or email touring@rltc.org.