Three Picks for Edinburgh

This year's Edinburgh Festival Fringe is just around the corner. The whole city will be transformed as the brightest and best in contemporary arts descend upon the Scottish capital for a whole month of exciting events.
Sadly, I'm not able to attend this year - it's a little far for a day trip, at any rate. But a number of the companies I've publicised on this blog will be attending and performing through the festival. So, to compensate for my absence, here's all the info you'll need on the three shows you should take the time to catch should you find yourself in Edinburgh this summer...


The Pearl - Dumbshow Theatre Company
I've already talked a fair bit about the latest from Dumbshow, since The Pearl has recently been staged in a couple of preview shows in London (you can read that post here). The story, based on the novel by John Steinbeck, concerns the fortunes of pearl-diver Kino, whose life changes for better and worse when he unearths an enormous pearl. The show combines Steinbeck's biting social commentary with Dumbshow's characteristic blend of magic and wonder, and it promises to be a gem of a show (sorry).

The Pearl is being performed at the Pleasance Courtyard: Upstars from 31st July-26th August. All performances are at 12:30pm. Click here to buy tickets and for more information.


The Boy Who Kicked Pigs - Kill The Beast Theatre Company
When I last talked about Kill The Beast a month ago (here), they were endeavouring to raise the money needed to take them to the Fringe. Suffice to say, they managed just that and are now ready to give Edinburgh a taste of what audiences in London have already enjoyed in their droves. Based on the cult novel by former Doctor Who Tom Baker, The Boy Who Kicked Pigs is a gruesome, nightmarish tale involving shark mutilation, weedkiller cornflakes and possibly the end of the world. Plus, it has a character called Detecting Comfortable Chief Inspective - which is pretty awesome.
The Boy Who Kicked Pigs is being performed at the Pleasance Courtyard from 31st July-14th August. All performances are at 4:10pm. Click here to buy tickets and for more information.


The Uncanny Valley - Superbolt Theatre Company
I haven't talked about Superbolt Theatre Company before, but based on their growing reputation, you'll be hearing a lot about them in years to come. Having made their debut with Centralia a couple of years ago - based on the true story of Centralia, Pennsylvania - they are now bringing The Uncanny Valley to Edinburgh following a stint of successful shows in London back in May. I don't want to give away too much about the plot - you can get a pretty good idea from the trailer below. Suffice to say, if you're a fan of Blade Runner, Chobits or The Stepford Wives, then you'll find something of interest in The Uncanny Valley...
The Uncanny Valley is being performed at the Underbelly, Bristo Square from 31st July-25th August. All performances are at 12:25pm. Click here to buy tickets and for more information.

Have a good time!