LETTERS OF NOTE: Danny DeVito's Mother

It's been quite a while since my last Letters of Note-related post. Shaun Usher, the brains behind the site, has been working hard on a hardback collection of correspondence, including many of the choice morsels that have caught my eye. But now the site is back up and running, and he's restarted with something sweet.
One of Danny DeVito's first film roles was in the 1973 pirate film Scalawag, directed by and starring Kirk Douglas. Though it was generally very little-seen, and attracted lukewarm reviews, the film did have one enormous fan - DeVito's mother, Julia. She liked the film so much that she wrote a letter of thanks to Douglas, which Douglas subsequently reprinted in his autobiography.

You can read Mrs. DeVito's letter in full here. Alternatively you can watch Danny himself talk about it in this clip, from the AFI's tribute to Douglas: