Back in late-February, I interviewed local writer Clive Essame about his play Impisi, which he wrote on a trip to South Africa in 2010. It's a great story of characters living with disability - the twist being that all the characters are animals. The title is the Zulu word for hyena, and the main protagonist is a lion called Nkosi, whose life changes forever when he gets caught in a wire snare and is permanently disfigured.
Clive has now turned the play into a novel aimed primarily (but not exclusively) at 9-to-14-year-olds. The novel is entirely self-published, and is available from the official Impisi website here. Clive is a very talented writer, and it is definitely a story that children will find entertaining and inspiring.

You can also buy copies of the play and a licence to perform it from the same website. Click here to follow developments via the Facebook page, or click below to see the trailer for the original production: