BLOG SPOT #13: Stuff You Like

Welcome to this month's Blog Spot - the 13th of its kind, falling fortuitously on the 13th of this month. Two months ago we took at look at Brows Held High, the brainchild of Oancitizen, a.k.a. Kyle Kallgren. This time around we're examining a colleague of his on Chez Apocalypse: Ursa, a.k.a. Jill Bearup, host of Stuff You Like - a cheery and functional title if ever there was one.
This Blog Spot actually has less in common with its predecessors than it does with the plugs I have given to the likes of Riding Lights, Dumbshow and Kill the Beast - the reason being that I am (somewhat) acquainted with the producer in question. Both Jill and I attended the University of Warwick, though she was a year or two above me and therefore we only got to know somewhat before she graduated. I came across her videos during a binge of all things Sherlock, and began to explore her wider content after watching her thoughts on The Reichenbach Fall.
Jill's show covers a wide range of material, including films, TV, literature and anime. As the logo of her show suggests, she has a particular interest in all things related to Doctor Who and Sherlock, the latter of which takes up the majority of her early episodes. The content is always varied in style and time period - one week she might be reviewing Breakfast at Tiffany's, the next she's comparing the old and new Star Trek films, so you're bound to find something you like sooner or later.
There are many things I like about Jill's content. She's clearly very passionate or interested in everything she reviews, and isn't afraid to wax lyrical about subjects close to her heart, such as female characters in science fiction. She's more modest and self-effacing than many internet reviewers, though she has little to be modest about: her reviews are thoroughly-researched, well-written and visually interesting. Her character analysis is first-rate, particularly her assessment of Holly Golightly in the aforementioned review. And like JesuOtaku, she is proof that people with Christian beliefs or backgrounds are more than capable of intelligently analysing popular culture without necessarily judging or preaching at their audience.
You can watch Stuff You Like on, Chez Apocalypse or at You can also follow her on Twitter @JillBearup. If you want a good indication of her overall style, I recommend her recent look at the Honour Harrington series of sci-fi novels, which can be seen here. Enjoy!